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Who are we?


Once upon a time… that is how most fairytales begin. So does ours.


We are both active in the entertainment business and event sector for many years: Piet as a lighting technician and handyman and Kristin as… where to begin ... But a quiet, rippling life in Belgium was not exactly what we were looking for, so we looked beyond the borders for some adventure, and we certainly found it here in the southern Spain.


Our new Spanish friends call us “valiente”, so brave… and maybe we are. We did and do most of the work in and around the house ourselves, just the two of us. Plenty of ideas and time too.


And we don't have to work hard every day. We also take enough time to discover the beautiful surroundings, or to keep ourselves busy with our housemates Rikkie (the dog), Miles and Nina (the cats). Sometimes we also take care of puppies that have been abandoned, until they are adopted.


But happiness is only true happiness if you can share it with others. So come and have a look or just say hello. The garden of our Casilla is always open when we are home!

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