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Welcome to Casilla de Los Tajos

Welcome to the website of Casilla de los Tajos, which literally translated means “the little block in the gorge”.


We have an almond grove of almost 4 hectares, on a slope of El Navazo, in Andalusia, southern Spain. Casilla de los Tajos is located nearby the village of Alhama de Granada, in the province of Granada. 

The Casilla is completely self-sufficient. We collect water in a large "bolsa" (tank) of 20,000 litres. The electricity is generated by solar panels and stored in batteries. This means we try to be very economical with water and electricity. We are also developing a food forest, but that takes time and it will be several years before it bears fruit.


Because we don't want to keep so much beauty to ourselves, we decided to share our garden with (camping) friends and family. If we are home, we will let you enjoy the peace, quiet and beautiful nature that the area has to offer.


In our garden we have created some beautiful places. They are all quiet places surrounded by nature, where you can camp in the wild, but with a little comfort. To keep the peace, we don't allow more more than 20 people to stay with us at any one time. Altough we are not a campsite, the experience you will have here is worth many stars. Not to mention the thousands of stars in the sky ...

Our unfenced garden has a separate toilet, shower, 2 sinks and a washing-up area. Everyone can refresh themselves in our swimming pool or relax under our chilling tree.


You get "wild" animals and birdsong for free!


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